Inside the Outside. The inside and outside world in the paintings of Edward Hopper is a permanent source of inspiration for my photography; they are a reflection about the relationship between our ‘interior’ and ‘exterior’ lives and emotions. With my deserted, misty (night) landscapes, night dreams and isolated figures in desolate places and strange rooms behind worn curtains I try to capture the loneliness, alienation and mystery of modern life. And the pandemic has given my photos a terrifying new significance. The solitary figures or even couples in my photos are often only shadows of themselves. I mostly use shadows or silhouettes to ‘hide’ or ‘keep outside’ information about the subject. Being in a room, a place or a (night) landscape is to simultaneously inhabit two worlds: the one before us and the one inside us. The relationship of the viewer with the (night) landscape or the room isn’t purely one of the physical dependency, but it’s also spiritual and emotional. During these corona times, we were confronted more than ever with ourselves and with the mystery of nature.