Eddy Verloes spends a lot of his time in both museums and on the street photographing happy coincidences of color, form, pattern and style. His visual eye creates images that showcase exceptional perceptions of connections between objects, people and works of art. For his series, People Matching Artworks, Verloes captures encounters between museum visitors and the works of art they engage with. He is on the hunt for the perfect shot and follows the museum goers until his predicted constellation might appear. The results are breathtaking, bringing a new depth to the relationship between modern life and art. In his powerful images he describes the reality of the last years in a poetic and confrontational manner, with the necessary symbolism, often spiced with that touch of humor that has become a trademark of his photography. Humor is vital. Life is completely absurd, but we take everything so terribly seriously. The ability to put things in perspective can help because nothing is important. We die anyway. Life is one big dark joke. We can't help but laugh at that ridiculous facade we call life.