Hello from USA. You and I are in the PH21 show, Stories. I thought your photos in the show were wonderful! I live by the beach in New Jersey and because of the pandemic, I found that I was walking to the beach and taking too many pictures there. I told myself to stop but I'm drawn to it. This is my world right now so it's best to just get used to it! I just requested to follow you on instagram (your account is private).  Hope to follow you on instagram and see you at the online gallery opening in May.

Take care, Dorie Dahlberg


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Beste Eddy,

Ik zag uw foto " Losing our minds" in de B&W Photography van maart 2021. Prachtige foto. Ook uw site is prachtig. Complimenten!

Met vriendelijke groet,
Adriaan van den Bos


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Mr Verloes,

I hope that this message finds you and your family in good health and high spirits.

I was following the work of a fellow ethnic Armenian photographer (based in Sochi), Lilit Matevosyan (https://www.dodho.com/i-had-left-my-home-early-in-the-morning-by-lilit-matevosyan/), and came across your amazing B&W work on the Belgian beach. Fantastic work!


It reminded me of an unforgettable, almost surreal experience I had years ago when I decided to stop at a train stop - Ostende, and go to the city beach (must have been in April). The weather changed drastically from one minute to another, from sunny to quite dark, with the color of the water and the magic, mysterious light, also changing abruptly (not to mention the cliffs protruding from the shallow waters, the small waves were washing over - something that I have never seen in the Black Sea of Bulgaria where I grew up , nor on the East Coast of the U.S., where I live now). 

All of a sudden, shockingly to me, the long beach that was teeming with people became desolated. It was quite a surreal experience, especially when the sun came back again suddenly and people started coming back almost as quickly as they have left.

I had something like an illumination then, realizing where the light in Breughel paintings came from. He and his contemporary painters lived and painted in such unique (to me) weather conditions !

Remember that you now have a big admirer in Washington, DC and that my home is always open for you and your family !

Very respectfully,

Noris Sakkarayan