Belgian photographer. Diploma from the Leuven CVO in 2015. Studies in literature, philosophy and arts at the University of Louvain (Belgium) and the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany). Former organizer of the Leuven Plaza Proms/Plaza Night.

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Visual storyteller. Pure and poetic. Misty Mysterious. Attention to detail. There's a lot between light and shadow. Sometimes balancing between realism and surrealism, often spiced with a touch of humor. Not staged but spontaneous photos. Please don't put me in a box. Homo ludens. Always focused on the decisive moment. I shoot with my soul, not with my camera.

2015-2020: exhibitions in different galleries or special locations (solo or with other photographers, painters, poets, sculptors, video artists, mixed media artists ...) in the USA, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Austria and Belgium.

I'm a member of the photo communities (Sweden) , ZINKAE (Ghent)  and Foto Gamma (Louvain)

Photobooks published: "No time to verloes" (2015), "Cuba libre" (2016), "Als de klaprozen" (2018), "Zeezuchten" (2020). 

Nominee @ LensCulture Visual Storytelling Awards 2019 @ Fotonale Brugge (2015, 2019), International Photo Festival Pelt (2017, 2019), Photo Festival Vilvoorde (2018), CEWE Photo Challenge 2019 ("Made in Belgium").

Most important awards in 2020:

March 2020: Jury prize of the 11th Photography Contest in France (Toulouse)

June 2020: Selected with "Losing our minds" @  Duncan Miller Gallery - Santa Monica (California) 

July 2020: Belgian Winner @ EISA Maestro Photo Contest (Theme: Movement) - Published in "Focus Magazine" 7/8 - 2020 (The Netherlands)

July 2020: Finalist Passepartout Photography Prize 2020 (Italy) - exhibition @ Piazza di Pietra Gallery (Rome) - January 2021

July 2020: Finalist Photo Festival InCadaqués 2020 (Spain) - exhibition in Cadaqués - 2020  Oct.15 - Oct.25  (click here for article and photos)

July 2020: Selected for New York Center for Photographic Art - exhibition in NY 2020 ("Luminosity - The beauty of light)

July 2020: 2.Prize Vienna International Photo Awards 2020 ("Free subject") - exhibition @ Galerie LIK (Vienna) - 2020 Sept.1 - Dec.31

July 2020: Selected for PhotoPlace Gallery ("Landscape") - exhibition in Middlebury (Vermont) - 2020 August 20 - Sept. 18

July 2020: On the shortlist for the Athens Photo Festival 2020 (Greece) - exhibition @ Benaki Museum - Pireos 138 (Athen) - Sept 16 - Nov.15

July 2020: Winner at the Open Call 2020 ("Fine Art") Lucie Foundation (Los Angeles) - printed in the Musée Magazine + exhibition Fall 2020

August 2020: Selected with "Losing our minds" for the EYE-Photo Magazine #September (Austria) 

August 2020: Winner at the Antwerp International Photography Festival - exhibition @ FOMU + Handelsbeurs Antwerp (Belgium) - Sept 1-27

August 2020: Selected as one of the 25 Winners at the All-About-Photo Contest B&W - Published in AAP Magazine #12 (California)

August 2020: Selected as one of the best contemporary photographers worldwide by the American site All-About-Photo

September 2020: Accepted into A Smith Gallery's "light" exhibition (Texas) - Oct 31 - Nov.15

September 2020: Selected for the Atlanta Photography Group in the Tula Art Center ("Strange time") with the series "Losing our minds" (Atlanta)

September 2020: Winner @ 3. Fotowettbewerb des Museums Synagoge Gröbzig (Thema: Jüdisch-Christliche Verbindungen in unserem Umfeld)

September 2020: Winner of the Life Framer Photo Contest 2020 (Theme: "Civilization") with the series "Losing our minds" 

September 2020: Selected with "Rider on a horse" @ Duncan Miller Gallery - Santa Monica (California)

October 2020: Selected with "Losing our minds" for "A Picture Show" (Image & Identity) @ the Black Box Gallery (Portland)

October 2020: Selected for "Portals: Windows, Mirrors, Doors"  - exhibition in the PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury (Vermont) - Nov.26 - Dec.26

November 2020: Selected with "Losing our minds" for "Photo of the Day" (November 2) @ Don't Take Pictures magazine, New York.

November 2020: Awarded with my series "Losing our minds" @ ND Photography Awards 2020 (Photojournalism/Story) , United Kingdom

November 2020: Awarded with my series "Dreams behind bars" @ ND Photography Awards 2020 (Street Photography), United Kingdom

November 2020: Selected for the Life Framer Collection 

November 2020: Juror's Award for "Foggy Flemish Landscape" in the exhibition 'Finding the Light', Photo Place Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont